Montana Mountains Mend Mustang Movie Madness

Written by Ben Masters - December 07 2014


Stella Martin
January 24 2015

About 10 years ago ,I was blessed and fortunate to ride some of the same trails you spoke of in your book , the Kaibab in Grand Canyon , stayed the night at Phantom Ranch , crossed the Colorado on the suspension bridge , rode through the Danaher valley in the “Bob” in Montana. Reading your book has brought back so many treasured memories.Thank You!

Deborah Haskins
January 03 2015

I have been eagerly awaiting the release of Unbranded the movie since I first read of it in the Western Horseman magazine two years ago. This has been a lifelong dream of mine to do a horsetrek like that, but since I am in my 60’s now I get to do it vicariously through your efforts. I hope the film will be released in the state of Michigan near the Grand Rapids and Lansing areas. I can’t wait to get the book and see the film.

Mimi Salber
December 17 2014

I am curious as to how you handled the geographical challenges with going cross country. Did you have to use a lot of highways etc. going over open country strikes me as impossible in these times.
Idea for a movie sounds to all involved..

Sue Pollock
December 17 2014

Your movie could be used in Australia to make people aware of impending brumby (wild horse) eradication in our national parks by aerial shooting. Many of us have a similar cultural affinity with horse, who contributed to our country in different ways. Your story is an inspiration. looking forward to the DVD in Australian format?

December 15 2014

I’ve been following your story and awaiting the release of your movie since you first published the idea of your ride in the Western Horse magazine. Hope you all receive the recognition and rewards you deserve as you share your story with the world. I am anxiously waiting to watch your film.

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