The Inspiration Behind the Unbranded Ride

Written by Ben Masters - December 11 2014


Bo Hage
February 23 2016

Awesome, Great Job, sure would like to see the map and the course yall took.

michael jackson
January 22 2016

I don’t ride horses, but now I wish I did. I was sad when your ride was over. It was amazing seeing how beautiful our country is. You boys did more in 5 months than most will do in a lifetime. Thanks for sharing, God Bless.

Gary Matiegard
January 17 2016

My family and I iced the movie and turned several friends on to it. Could we get a copy of the route through Montana? It is our home and we hike a lot and wanted to see if the places we thought we recognized were part of the route.

December 30 2015

So.. why did Jonny Fitzsimons leave the group 1 mile before the finish? It seems obvious his intentions were to cause harm to Ben Masters’ hard-earned goal: To have entire crew (4 riders) ride the entire length from Mexico to Canada together. I find it interesting that he bails so abruptly and is such a coward he has to have his parents and grandparents there to support and protect him. I was hoping for an ending where the other 3 real cowboys rope him and drag him the last mile….or maybe 2 miles for good measure. Jonny seems like a good guy during most of the trip. But his lack of team spirit and selfishness at the finish line should be a fine example of his psyche . What the world needs are dependable cowboys, partners, husbands, fathers, employees and friends. Good luck with your “enumerable reasons” to bail on your crew a the 11th hour, Jonny!

December 08 2015

Just saw the movie in San Antonio & LOVED IT! The film was educational, inspiring, shot & edited beautifully. I would love to read the book. Thank you for sharing your adventure with the world. Keep livin’ the dream & please keep sharing your adventures. Peace.

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