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Written by Ben Masters - August 17 2015


December 27 2015

I loved this !!!!!!!! Awesome ! How’s John’s Alcoholism?

Mariah Hill
November 05 2015

Just saw the movie last night 11-4 here in WI. I can honestly say it was amazing. I loved it. It was beautiful. I really am speechless at how wonderful it was. Truly inspiring. We had a conversation with my 15 yr old daughter on the way home on what her generation would do in this world to preserve what she saw in your movie. I hope she is someone who will change the world and make it a better place. It was her first documentary, and I don’t think it will be her last. She loves to ride and loves animals so much, I really hope she takes a stand in the world and makes a difference some way. IF anyone could, she could. I hope that seeing your film inspires her to do great things in life. I believe she can. Thank you. It was a great night spent with her and my mother. We have all been riding our whole lives. My mother has taken many trips into the badlands of south dakota, and I am hoping after high school and before college, the 3 of us will take that trip together.
Thank you again. It was amazing and I had dreams of riding all night long.

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